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Casumo Casino Canada is one of the leading gambling services online: the operator is famous for being professional, generous and ready to provide lots of games to choose from. The site has hundreds of slots and other casino content to entertain a player: the diversity of pokies is really impressive there. Most players leave very positive reviews there: though Casumo casino was founded only in 2012, it has already attracted thousands of active players all over Canada and abroad. This Casumo Casino review will help you to understand what attracts people the most and whether it’s worth trying it or not.

Like other online casinos, Casumo Casino has pros and cons: every gambling establishment has lots of features that can attract or repel potential clients. In general, this casino has extremely positive feedback: most players are satisfied with the service and enjoy using it. There are some positive sides of the service they mention:

  • The very first thing gamblers notice is the impressive number of casino games presented on the platform. Usually, a big casino has over two or three hundreds of games on their website, but Casumo casino has more than 850 – this number can easily impress even the most experienced gamblers. Some players even claim that there are much more games than that! It’s easy to understand that the service is concentrated on pokies, so most games on the platform are slots. You can see casual classic pokies, video and 3D slots and progressive jackpots there: pokies tend to be the most popular kind of gambling all over the world, so it’s obvious that most casino services have lots of them to choose from. Casumo has more than 300 popular games made by big companies like Microgaming and NetEnt and users like them a lot;
  • A great and generous welcome bonus can be an excellent advertisement to a casino, and Casumo Casino knows that. The service is extremely appealing to new potential clients because of its huge bonus for newcomers: though it might slightly change during the time, the casino offers a lot of deposit money to people interested in giving the casino a try. You can learn more about the welcome bonus and other unique promotions on its official website;
  • The service attracts new users by having a great reputation. A good casino is a fair one in the first place: it doesn’t matter how many games you can play in the casino unless you can actually win anything there. Casumo Casino is licensed and certified: all their games’ RNGs are checked and tested, so every player can be sure they receive an amazing service there. The site can be trusted because it’s proven that local RTP’s are generally higher than 97% – and that’s what makes the service so reliable in people’s eyes;
  • It’s pretty easy and fast to withdraw the money you won there. Almost every casino has a pending period, and Casumo Casino has its pending period of fewer than twenty-four hours. It’s much faster than on many other casino services! Also, some other casinos have withdrawal limits but Casumo doesn’t: if you win something there, then you are allowed to get your money without any issues;
  • Every user hopes not to have any problems on gambling websites but sometimes things go wrong – and that’s when customer service can help. Good managers can sometimes help a lot: they help users to solve their problems and answer their questions, so it’s important for every casino to have a good service that can negotiate every conflict and solve every issue. Casumo has a 24\7 chat support that can help their clients with anything – and this detail shows their careful approach and their good attitude towards their clients;
  • The casino has a few options for mobile gambling: every customer interested in playing their favourite games can download the Casumo app on their iOS or Android device. Or, it can be even easier than that: the operator is famous because of its comfortable and well-balanced website that has a great mobile version working well on every mobile device. Customers don’t even have to download any apps: they can use mobile versions of the site o have access to all the important functions and popular games to spend time well and win money;
  • Though most people associate gambling with winning money in the first place, there are also lots of casual gamblers interested in the process of playing casino games. That’s why free slots exist: it’s hard to imagine free machines standing in land-based casino establishments but it’s easy to play for free online. Of course, free slots can’t bring you any real money but they are great for practise and fun: you can find lots of free slots on the Casumo website;
  • The operator also has a great VIP system and special trophies that can be real game-changers: every active player can improve their gambling experience by using them, so these extra features can stimulate players’ enthusiasm a lot.

Of course, it’s hard to find a casino that has only positive feedback and reviews: people are much less likely to write good reviews in general and there are lots of upset and disappointed people who’ve lost their money by gambling. But there are still a few features that can be seen as disadvantages there:

  • Though Casumo casino has lots of pokies to choose from, the number of live games available isn’t that impressive. Live games are pretty popular among gamblers, so many people interested in them can be disappointed there. It doesn’t mean there are no live games at all – it’s just less of them that it could be;
  • The service lacks not only some live games but also some kinds of poker: though there are a few options available there, there are much more versions of this game that can be found on other sites. Also, you can’t play Craps there: this game is not on the list of available options;
  • The casino offers a pretty generous bonus but it can be only used on slot games: though it’s not a disadvantage for people interested in pokies, it definitely can be upsetting for table games lovers. The service has many slots to play and highlights them as their main feature but some players would prefer to use their bonuses on Poker instead;
  • Though the service has an outstanding mobile version, some players claim that the desktop version is even less optimized than the mobile one. Nowadays most players prefer mobile gambling instead of playing via their personal computers but it can be a bit annoying for some players;
  • Though there are lots of slots to choose from, some players might be disappointed by low max bets on some pokies.

As you may see, Casumo Casino has its pros and cons: it’s extremely hard to create a flawless gambling platform that is liked by absolutely everyone but the service manages to have a very positive reputation among players. The site has almost everything a gambler wants their favourite platform to have: the site provides security and safety, diversity of games and a huge number of available slots, great customer support and good banking options too. The site is reliable and modern and it’s comfortable to use it via mobile gadgets: you can download the app or visit a mobile version of the site. The casino is recommended for Canadian players to use: it’s a great balance of good quality and entertainment carefully packed in a pleasant cover.

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