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If you’re tired of only gambling online, then you should visit a real land-based casino with good reviews and reputation. Elbow River Casino in Calgary is a great option for Canadians loving games of chance and wanting to win some money and have fun. This place is full of opportunities, so read this Elbow River Casino review to find out more about it!

It’s not just a casino

Elbow River is a comfortable and cozy place, and it’s a rare thing for a casino: gamblers and bettors often feel nervous and excited while playing or making bets. If you’re a guest of this casino, you can relax and have a fancy dinner, because this place is not only about playing games. You can also stay for a few days there: Elbow River Casino hotel is a hospitable and comfortable place where you can stay for a while and have a rest.

Also, you can visit Elbow River Casino restaurant to try out something tasty. It has a sports bar, a buffet, and lots of amazing dishes of Asian cuisine as well. The menu changes regularly, and it’s important to stay tuned and check it regularly – so you won’t miss something truly delicious. You can spend time with friends there, or just watch your favorite sports games while having dinner made by the amazing chiefs of Elbow River.


Of course, most people come to Elbow River because of its casino, not its restaurant or hotel. In terms of gambling, this place is a nice opportunity to try out different types of entertainment. For instance, you can easily enjoy bets on various sports events and horse racing, try out different slot machines, and play Poker (or any other table games) with other casino guests!


This casino knows what players want – so it offers over 600 slot machines to enjoy! This number of machines is really impressive, because this land-based casino can offer basically as many games as lots of online casinos do. Everyone will find something special for themselves: you can play classic, 3D and Video slot games and lots of Jackpot games that can help you win lots of money.

Classic slots are perfect for players who feel nostalgic and want to play old-school games. All these bells, berries and numbers, only a few paylines, and pretty simple rules make these games easy to play even for people with little to no experience. You don’t have to remember all the bonus symbols and paylines – everything is easy but effective!

3D and Video slots are way more complicated: they tend to have not only better graphics and sounds, but also more paylines, bonus symbols and mini-games, and it’s worth remembering some combinations and rules. These games are better for players who already have some experience.

Table games

While most online casinos have digital versions of popular table games (including live dealer games), it’s still far from the experience of playing in a real land-based casino. The whole atmosphere of being a part of a game with other experienced players is amazing, and professional dealers will make it even more entertaining.

Elbow River offers Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em – in other words, you’ll find everything you need there. These games have some betting limits: the minimum bet fluctuates from $5 to $25 (it depends on a game you choose), and the maximum is usually about $1000 (it can also change, so it’s better to check the website or the casino to stay tuned).


This casino has everything that clients may need, so it’s not only a gambling place, but also a place for entertainment and relaxation. Its great reputation and good attitude towards its clients make players come back – not only to win something, but also just to spend some time there and have fun.

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