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Intertops Casino is an online gambling service that has a pretty nice reputation and lots of games to choose from. It’s clearly not the biggest casino for Canadian gamblers: lots of other names are way more popular, and some gamblers don’t even know a lot about it, so this Intertops Casino review is your chance to know more about it. Who knows, this platform can turn out to be your favorite one!

In Canada, there are lots of players who regularly try new online gambling websites from abroad. Most of them are licensed by MGA, Curaçao, or UKGC – three of the most influential companies that check the quality of gambling services online. Current Intertops online casino is checked to be good by Curaçao company, so players can be sure it’s good and worth their attention. Before its rebranding, the service was approved of by KGC – another famous company that has checked lots of famous services worldwide.

Intertops Casino is currently named Everygame, but lots of players still remember it by its old name, so in this Intertops Casino review we’ll stick to the previous name. Therefore, when you see some information about Everygame, you can be sure that it’s basically the same service you’ve heard about – it’s just slightly rebranded.

Basic information

Intertops Casino is an old gambling service, and by saying that we say that it’s probably older than lots of its current clients. The service was created in 1996, and it’s still active and pretty popular – so no wonder that its reputation is huge. Players often tend to trust the services that have been existing for a while more, and that’s a decent reason to give this service a chance.

The casino’s history can be divided into two parts – before its rebranding and after. For decades, the service’s quality was guaranteed by Kahnawake GC. The casino has managed to survive for over 2,5 decades, thousands of players tried it and got there a lot. The casino’s gifts and special offers, its big games collection and design have made it a nice place to spend some time and win money.

The biggest attraction of this platform has always been its bookmaking. In fact, it was the very first type of gambling the service used to offer, but now it also has slots, classic gambling games, bets, and other fun things that can keep you entertained. Intertops casino presents an interesting division into a classic site and Intertops red: they are basically two separate casinos with different designs and different software providers, so everyone can choose what they like the best.

Classic Casino

A Classic version of an Intertops Casino has a nice black-and-golden site: it’s a better option for gamblers over 40 who don’t prefer modern sites and are more interested in what a casino can offer.

It’s clearly not only the name or design that separates two services – it’s also the software developer, so two services look and feel completely different. Intertops Casino software for Classic site is developed by WGS Technology. This company offers a list of slots, 15 table games (like Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, and other famous ones), and also ten variations of Video Poker. Therefore, it’s hard to get bored there: though this casino doesn’t offer thousands of titles to select from, it’s still more than enough for everyone to have fun and win some real cash.

Red Casino

Intertops Casino Red is a modern-looking option in red and black for younger clients, who like their casino to be not only potentially profitable, but also good-looking and fresh. It has an attractive design with huge attractive adds, big games icons, it’s easier to navigate and to find everything you need there.

This site has another software provider – Intertops Red Casino is made by Real Time Gaming, or RTG. While these providers aren’t as popular as huge international leaders as Microgaming or Pragmatic Play, these titles are still entertaining and good-looking enough to attract clients.

Red Casino has a nice collection of slots, three blackjack options, two Roulette games, and three Video poker games too. It honestly doesn’t sound like the platform has many titles to offer except for slots, but two casinos combined can satisfy basically everyone.


If sportsbook isn’t enough for you, and you require some games to enjoy, then these two casinos can help you a lot. Intertops has about three hundreds slots in total, and its Intertops poker network is a part of Horizon, so clients can feel this Poker to be a part of something bigger. Before that company, the casino was a part of Cake Poker and Party Gaming Poker, and now it’s a part of something new again. While it’s clearly not the biggest service available, it’s still entertaining, and its good reputation makes it a perfect place for gamblers who are tired of fast-pacing crazy casinos, and just want to relax while gambling and making some money.

Payment options

Before even making an account, every gambler should check whether the casino has suitable and trustworthy transaction options or not. Most services have enough options for players wanting to make deposits to continue playing, but it’s much harder to find good banking systems for those who want to get their winnings. It’s true that statistically deposits are more common than withdrawals, but a perfect casino should have enough methods to choose from for both players – the lucky ones and those who’ll be luckier next time.

Deposit options

If you want to try this casino out, or you want to continue playing there, then you can use one of the following banking methods to do it:

  • Visa, American Express, Mastercard. That’s the easiest and the most convenient banking option for most players, and it has a great advantage – you can use it for transactions up to $1,000 at once, which is a lot. It’s a great option for high-rollers who are used to risk it all to get the biggest and the sweetest prizes eventually;
  • Neteller, Skrill, Sofort Banking, EcoPayz. These payment options are in the same group, because they allow users to make transactions up to $5,000 at once. You should also remember that EcoPayz has a minimum deposit of $10, and Skrill – $20;
  • Money Global, PaySafeCard. These options are great for players who don’t want to risk too much and choose to bet safely. The first option of this group allows you to send $100-490 once a week, and the second one – $5-100. It’s not much, but it’s still a good option for players who’ve never planned to pay more in the first place;
  • Bitcoin. This is a pretty new option for players interested in new technologies and cryptocurrencies. One of the crypto’s best features is that it’s almost impossible to track down a person who uses it, so lots of players enjoy using it for gambling. This payment option also has limitations – you can send $10-1,000 at once.

See? You’ve got lots of methods to pick from when it comes to deposits. But what about withdrawals?

  • EUPA, Skrill. These withdrawal methods have no limits, so you can use them to get all your winnings at once! The only thing you should remember is that you should play it one time before you can withdraw the money – or else, Intertops will charge you 10%;
  • EcoPayz, Neteller. These services have no minimum limits, and they allow you to withdraw up to $2,500. It’s a good option for almost everyone – unless you’re an extremely lucky person to win more at once;
  • Bitcoin. This option also allows you to withdraw up to $2,500 every week, but it has a minimum limit – at least $100;
  • Check. It’s an interesting service that allows you to get $150-$3,000 every week, but also charges you a $50 more. If you win a lot, then it won’t bother you;
  • Bank Wire. This option allows you to withdraw $150-2,500 every week, but its fee is $50 and higher – so you should check it in advance.

It’s still a solid list of options, so you can be sure that you’ll get your prize. It usually takes about two days for a casino to process your withdrawal request: it checks whether your winning is real, and later makes sure that it’s really you who tries to withdraw your prize.

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses are the best way to attract new clients and to keep them invested, at least for a month – up to the moment they wager their deposit and get the bonus. Intertops Casino bonus has three categories:

  • Poker bonus;
  • Sportsbook bonus;
  • Red Casino bonus.

All three of them are different, and it’s recommended for a player to learn more about them in advance – just to check which one is the most suitable for them. You should remember that you won’t get any Intertops Casino free spins, though – at least, it’s not a part of a deal for its Welcome bonus.

Sportsbook Promotions

If you’re a keen bettor who loves sports and wants to participate in betting, then you can claim an Intertops Casino deposit bonus for players just like you. The service has three options for clients with different experience, so everyone can select what’s easier for them to complete.

Sounds easy, right? Well, choose carefully – it’s pretty hard for an inexperienced person to get the prize sometimes, so it’s better to get a smaller benefit than none. The casino also has some other promotions for bettors, so check the website regularly to stay tuned and take part in it.

Red Promotions

Red Casino has a list of slots and some other games (for instance, Bingo and Scratchs), and these games have a unique New Client bonus too. For instance, if you have your first deposit ($20 or more), you’ll receive an exact match (but not more than $100), and you’ll have to wager this bonus 30x times.

It may seem that it’s easy to wager it, but it’s not always like that, so new players who have little experience in gambling shouldn’t aim for huge bonuses.

If you’re a new client and like the game Rookie Raise, then you can have an additional bonus – choose the one you like more:

  • Get a 100% more up to $100;
  • Get a 50% additionally up to $100;
  • Get a 75% more up to $150;
  • Get a 100% more up to $200;
  • Get a $25 Intertops no deposit bonus.

Well, if this is an Intertops no deposit bonus, then it doesn’t mean it’s completely free – you still should wager it 30x times to get a prize. Also, the smallest deposit for this bonus (well. for 1-4 of them) is $20. And don’t forget to use your coupon code!

Though there’s no Intertops Casino free spins, you still can have lots of fun and profits. The casino also has some special offers that happen regularly: Wheel of Fortune, Mobile Award, and a special Loyalty program that also can help you win some money. These offers won’t make you rich, but they can increase your interest in gambling and give you some small but pleasant gifts regularly.

Poker bonuses

The service makes Poker one of its main priorities, so it’s no surprise that it also has some special Poker bonuses. It doesn’t mean that it will give you an Intertops free chip, but it will clearly help you become more invested in playing Poker at this casino.

  • New guest bonus. If you’re a new player, then you can get an advantage from your first deposit. Make a $25 deposit and get a 200% match up to $1,000, and for every 83,3 FPP you’ll get a $5 bonus as well;
  • Cashback Weekends. If you play on weekends, then you can get a 35% cashback with a 10x wagering. To claim it, you should contact Intertops via e-mail or a good-old phone call;
  • Instant Cashback. That’s an interesting bonus from the casino: if you play slots from your Poker client and lose, then you’ll get a 25% cashback on your losses with a 10% wagering. Therefore, you can turn your losses into winnings – at least, partially;
  • Gold Chips. If you play with real money, then you’ll receive FPP points, and 100 of them equal 1 Gold Chip. You can collect and turn them into bonuses:
  1. 20 GC equal $5;
  2. 100 GC equal $25;
  3. 400 GC equal $100.
  • FPP Racing. If you’re one of the top FPP weekly earners, then you’ll be given a part of its weekly $4,000 giveaway. Of course, you won’t get the whole sum, but even a part of it is nice to have;
  • Loyalty Levels. The casino wants you to stay loyal, so it has 50 levels of loyalty for you with different perks. It’s relatively easy for levels 1-11 to keep and increase their positions, but players on level 11 and higher have to play more actively to maintain their status.

Once again – visit the service regularly to see whether something new has appeared. The casino always wants to interest its clients with something new, so stay tuned.

Bonus codes

If you feel like you want more, then you probably need Intertops bonus codes – it’s a great opportunity for players who aren’t exactly new, but still want to have a prize. You can try the following ones:

  • CHERRY30. This code gives you 30 Intertops free spins at Thai Blossoms, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wager it. Play it 30x times, and get a maximum cash up of $250;
  • STUCKUP60. This code is pretty similar to the previous one in terms of wagering and maximum cash out, but it gives you 60 spins for Return to Paris;
  • SLOT80. Once again, it’s pretty much the same as the previous one, but it gives you 80 spins for Mr. Macau;
  • CASTLE100. Get 100 spins for Take the Castle and wager it 30x times.

The list of codes continues – but it’s better to look for other codes online. Your favorite game might be on this list!


Intertops isn’t the biggest online casino a Canadian can play, but it’s diverse and decent. The number of games and promotions is truly impressive, and it only grows bigger annually. Some parts of it are pretty strange (for instance, the fact that you should contact the casino via e-mail or a phone call to get some bonuses), but the casino is generally entertaining and provides lots of opportunities to get more money.

Though the casino doesn’t have any Live Dealer games or a mobile app, it’s still a solid platform for most casino lovers who value bets and slots the most. It’s pretty easy to get confused by its complicated bonuses and rules, but it becomes easier as long as you start playing there. Also, the fact that you can choose a Classic or Red casino is an interesting detail that isn’t that common among other online gambling platforms in Canada or abroad.

After the casino’s rebranding in 2022, the service seems smooth, attractive and entertaining. Give it a chance, because it might be the one that can make you rich one day!

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