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Being one of the biggest online casinos, Ruby Fortune Canada has lots of fans all over the country. The casino was created in 2003 and has gained many active users since then: the service concentrates on comfort, reliability, diversity and profitability of their content online. Players all over the world that love the service claim it to be perfect for both skilled players looking for the best odds and newcomers who are just interested to try gambling for the first time. Just like any quality casino, the platform has a huge range of various attractive bonuses and promotions, it’s comfortable and entertaining to use and it can actually help some lucky players to win valuable prizes that can change their lives!

Ruby Fortune Online Casino Canada is a casino that has lots of things to offer: the casino is definitely a big one so it has a lot of features that attract many new Canadian users annually. The service has a diverse library of pokies and a few other popular casino games to offer, it provides a decent service and a comfortable gambling experience. There are some of the most distinctive advantages the service has:

  • The service has a very exciting bonus policy: every day can be a chance to win something special there. Every active player has daily chances to win a prize: this creates a great atmosphere of randomness and stimulates people’s interest a lot. Every day can be special – so why not visit the service every day;
  • Like many other online casinos, Ruby Fortune online casino provides an opportunity to play some casino games for free on their website. The service allows their clients to practise before playing for real money: though free games don’t allow players to win real money as well, it’s a good opportunity to test a game and its mechanics before spending money there. This approach isn’t profitable for land-based casinos but it’s completely fine for online ones: they don’t lose space and time while allowing their clients to play for free;
  • The service has decent live-dealer games to try on their platform. Though live-dealer games aren’t something that new, not all of these games are made on a decent level. Ruby Fortune is the service that has really quality games with great atmosphere, mechanics and odds: every player can feel the vibe after trying it for the first time;
  • A good casino that actually cares about its clients can often be seen in details: the way a casino treats its customers can be analyzed and measured by the convenience and comfort they provide. For instance, this provider allows users to customize their menu by adding their favourite games and saving them: this allows every player not to lose pokies they like the most and to play them at any moment;
  • The casino is a licensed one. Most players who have gambling experience know that a good casino always has a license: special organizations test and control the quality of online casinos to make sure their clients have fair and reliable service. RF casino has a license given by MGA – this company is one of the biggest gambling authorities, so their presence always makes sure the casino is a legit one. Also, the casino has a eCOGRA certificate;
  • Most players claim the casino has very fast payout times: this detail helps to create a very positive image of the service in the eyes of potential users who don’t want to wait too long;
  • The service presents a huge diversity of games: players can find pokies of different kinds, progressive jackpots by Microgaming, roulette, keno, poker, baccarat and other games there. Every player can find something special there: the total number of games on the platform is over 500 and it’s more than enough for everyone;
  • Ruby Fortune mobile is a great opportunity to be able to play all your favourite games wherever you are. Modern gamblers love playing their favourite pokies while being outside their houses: they gamble while being in parks and airports, they play while queueing and travelling. Every spare minute can be perfect for gambling – especially a boring one. Ruby Fortune casino mobile is available for most gamblers wherever they are: you can easily use it via your iOS and Android gadgets, it works on tablets and laptops as well. The service allows every player to manage their gambling well;
  • The service’s average RTP is higher than 97% – this rate allows the casino to be one of the most loved ones. Of course, RTP can’t guarantee anyone that they will receive exactly what RTP offers but this number can be an important feature while choosing a casino to play.

Just like many other casinos, Ruby Fortune online casino has a few disadvantages that can spoil the first impression a bit. It’s almost impossible to find a completely flawless operator: even when a casino doesn’t have any major issues, it often has a few subjective cons that might be seen as disadvantages. In fact, Ruby Fortune is a casino with pretty high rates and positive feedback but there are still some things new potential players should know about in advance:

  • Though the service provides a few pleasant bonuses to their potential clients, users claim these bonuses could be bigger. Though most casinos try their best to attract new users with welcome bonuses and promotions, some of them tend to be more generous than others. It might be a sign of the casino being more honest or less generous than other operators – it’s up to you to decide. Also, the welcome bonus has very tough requirements: it’s not that easy to get it;
  • There are lots of modern casinos that have live chat supports on their websites: this allows its clients to have their questions answered and their issues solved quickly. Unfortunately, this casino doesn’t have such a function: this might not be a big deal for players who don’t have any problems on the platform but it can definitely be an issue for users who want to get their questions answered;
  • Though there are enough slots and casino games on the platform to choose from, it’s still not enough for many players. For instance, there’s no option for sports betting: this kind of gambling is a very popular one nowadays, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of people interested in it. Unfortunately, Ruby Fortune Casino doesn’t have it: the casino is mostly concentrated on other types of casino content but not betting;
  • It’s not that easy to withdraw money there. Though the casino is very honest and doesn’t try to rob their customers, a player should wait for 96 hours pending withdrawal – this can’t be seen as a comfortable way to get your money by most players. Also, the casino allows withdrawing money when you have at least $50 – that’s a bit more than in other casinos. In fact, the casino can be a legit platform for playing and winning money but these minor issues can make customers a bit less enthusiastic;
  • Though the casino has a FAQ on their website, it doesn’t cover all the important information a player might need. There are lots of aspects a player can’t learn after reading this list: in most cases, confused or misinformed clients aren’t completely satisfied with the service.

As you might see, the service has its pros and cons but in general, it’s seen as a reliable and comfortable one. Try the platform to see whether it’s perfect for you or not and create your own impression about the service!

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