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Sports betting is one of the most popular kinds of gambling: just like pokies are extremely popular for casino games lovers, sports betting is one of the most loved kinds of gambling activities for sports lovers. This kind of betting is interesting because it doesn’t require gamblers actually playing – just making good bets. This allows players to win and make money while enjoying their favourite sports games – two good things combined in one! That’s why finding a good gambling operator is so important – and that’s why people love William Hill sports betting. The service has good feedback and reviews and is on the top for many decades, so no wonder why Canadian players trust it.

Pros and cons of the service

William Hill Canada is a famous and big bookmaker from the UK that attracts lots of new players annually. The service is old and respectable, so no wonder that players all over the world are interested in taking part in its betting. The operator provides quality service and lots of comfortable features to its clients, and it’s also reliable and secure enough to keep its reputation great for a long time. A casino needs some advantages to stay valid and popular – and there are some things making William Hill so outstanding:

  • William Hill betting covers a great number of various sports and events: the list of available betting options is truly impressive and satisfying. Having a lot of sports wagering options is crucial for a big bookmaker and the service tries its best to satisfy its clients. Every user can find something special that suits them well there: an impressive variety of markets and options allows every bettor to succeed and to experiment a lot according to their intuition, experience and luck;
  • The service has a good reputation that can easily make every player feel safe and secure: William Hill casino is a bookmaker that has a really impressive history: the land-based gambling establishment was created in 1934 in the UK and it has become worldwide famous since then. Nowadays the service is available for Candian players and gamblers from some other countries as well online: the fact that the casino has such long history and fame makes players confident and relaxed. The service is seen as reliable and trustworthy because of how many years it exists for;
  • Most casinos try to attract new potential clients with their promotions and bonuses – and this one is no exception. Every new potential client has a special welcome bonus there – and it’s extremely easy to get it. A player that fulfils ann the requirements can achieve up to a $500 bonus when they sign up – and that’s a pretty generous bonus to start your gambling journey with! Register, deposit and achieve your bonus – it’s as easy as that;
  • William Hill mobile betting is comfortable and user-friendly. The service has an iOS app that is easy to download from Apple Store and to install, and a mobile version of the site is comfortable for all mobile users as well. Modern gambling and sports betting go online and most players use their mobile gadgets. This approach is convenient and it allows players to bet and follow sports events wherever they are with comfort. Also, the main website of the casino is comfortable and convenient as well;
  • The service is also famous for its advanced customer support. It’s easy to understand that a casino with such long history takes care of its customers a lot: they manage to keep their customers loyal and satisfied with their service, so that’s why every player can rely on customer service there. Specialists can always help their clients and answer all the questions they have, so every player can feel confident and protected;
  • The service provides comfortable live betting to customers: it’s a very popular European kind of gambling when players can bet while watching the sports game live. The service’s main specialization is betting, so it’s perfect for betting of different kinds: live betting is only one of the options available.

The service has a few disadvantages as well: though it has a huge history and lots of customers all over the world, it doesn’t mean that William Hill has no flaws. There are some of the cons you can see there: some of them are pretty subjective but others might be pretty important for every potential client looking for the best bookmaker to play:

  • Though the service is perfectly comfortable and available for Canadian gamblers, it’s not allowed for gamblers from Quebec and British Columbia there. It might become a big disappointment for some players interested in using this big and popular bookmaker as their main betting platform: unfortunately, laws differ in many provinces of the country, so not every player can get what they want;
  • The fact that the service is very old can be seen by looking at the company’s website: its design is not extremely bad but it could definitely be better. Modern bookmakers pay lots of attention to their services’ designs: this approach can help them to attract new customers. It’s clear that appearance is not everything a player needs but it’s a very important feature that helps to create the first impression a lot. A modern and convenient design could be an important advantage but the service doesn’t have it;
  • Some players claim that the app and the website can be a bit glitchy or freezy sometimes. It usually happens during peak hours: for instance, many customers may face the platform freezing before and while some important and big game events. Though the problem might seem annoying and disappointing, it doesn’t usually become a big issue – it’s more like a minor inconvenience;
  • The service is not completely comfortable for travellers: William Hill has three apps available in different regions. Though it might be a bit confusing itself, it’s not a big problem for people living (and using the app) on the same territory all the time – one app is more than enough in that situation. But those who love to travel can’t use just one app to bet: in some places, the casino simply doesn’t work and in some places, it requires players to use another app;
  • Some functions don’t work for customers using the app. In some cases users have to use the mobile version of the site instead of the app to get all the functions available;
  • The service is known to give no refunds, also there might be issues getting money back in some controversial situations. Every problem is pretty unique, so it requires an individual approach. Most players face no difficulties using the app at all, so they won’t face this issue either. But it’s always pleasant to know that getting your money back won’t become an issue when something goes wrong.

As you might see, the service is not perfect but still relatively good and worth trying. Most players instinctively trust platforms with a long history and big name, and the casino is a great example of it. William Hill is a remarkable bookmaker making its best to keep their existing clients and to attract new potential ones, and the service succeeds with it. If you’re a Canadian bettor looking for a new reliable platform to try your luck, then William Hill is definitely good for you. Use the website or download the app to enjoy betting comfortably.

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