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Every gambler who likes poker and is interested in finding news and information about the casino game knows about WSOP. This name stands for “World Series Of Poker” and means the biggest poker event every true gambler would like to take part in. The event is usually held in the famous city Las Vegas and it attracts lots of players all over the world. It’s hard to find a gambler who has never dreamed of taking part in WSOP main event: this competition was founded in 1970 and is still popular and big in the gambling world. Winning there means changing your life forever – you can make a fortune there and become famous in the world of gambling and particularly poker.

Obviously, not every gambler can visit WSOP main event: most players simply couldn’t afford to visit this place in real life. Meanwhile, WSOP poker is something that you can enjoy not only in Las Vegas – a special WSOP app is a great opportunity to take part in the event and play poker for free. This app provides a great atmosphere of playing poker with skilled strangers while participating in a huge poker competition – and this vibe can’t be forgotten easily. The game is safe and allows newbies to practise – there are lots of ways of receiving WSOP free chips to continue playing and enjoying this poker environment. Read more to learn about it!

What to do to achieve free chips

Mobile gambling (and gaming in general) has some distinctive features that are very common to most games. For instance, WSOP is free but has in-app purchases that can help any player to have gaming progress quicker. Buying additional items and points for real allows players to play and increase their levels much faster but it turns a free game into a paid one. Of course, lots of players dislike the idea of paying money for the virtual casino that can’t give you any real money back – and that’s why a few ways of gaining WSOP free chips exist.

Just like many other mobile apps with in-app purchases, WSOP has a decent and colourful design with various pop-ups and attractive banners offering you to buy additional chips. These games’ tactics usually include bombing players with messages and ads and it can be pretty annoying. Of course, experienced mobile players get used to ignoring them pretty quickly but newcomers might need time for it. But sometimes these ads can be actually useful: they tell players that there are some promotions and bonuses they can have, and some of them can actually be free. There are a few examples of where you can find free poker chips in WSOP to improve your gambling experience and to continue playing:

  • One of the most obvious ways to get free points in WSOP poker is to claim your welcome bonus: all newcomers achieve one million chips after downloading the game and creating their account. It’s pretty easy to get this bonus: download the app and complete your registration via Facebook or e-mail to get your prize. Unfortunately, this prize only looks big: you can spend these chips very quickly, so you need to get more of them pretty soon. For example, a minimum stake is about $5k-$10k, so it won’t take a lot of time to spend all your free chips;
  • The second way of getting free points in WSOP poker is to spin a Bonus wheel that appears in the game from time to time. This wheel has lots of prizes from a few thousand point prizes to a few million points: the wheel allows you to win free chips occasionally. The game has ranks, so high-levelled players will have bigger prizes because higher levels require more chips to play. Therefore, an active player who visits the app regularly has many chances to gain more points to continue playing;
  • Another easy way of getting points is to visit the app every 4 hours. You should play WSOP regularly to get your free points and the number of chips is influenced by your game club. WSOP clubs work like ranks: the more active you are – the higher you get, and higher classes achieve more chips every 4 hours. It’s not that easy to progress in this game, but it’s worth climbing up and getting higher classes because of the rewards you can get;
  • Another easy way to receive extra chips is to invite your friends to join you in WSOP play. Of course, it’s not just an invitation that is required: only after the person who you’ve invited downloads the app and signs in you receive your extra chips. The number of chips you can get also depends on your class: the higher your rank is, the more you get. That’s why high-ranked players achieve very pleasant and appealing bonuses after their friends coming into the game;
  • Promo codes can bring you some free chips as well: this type of achieving free things is extremely popular among mobile gamblers. Promo codes are easy to use but not that easy to get: one of the most obvious places to find them is the game’s official Facebook page but there are also some other places containing them. If you’re good at looking for rare and precious things, then this little game of finding promo codes can be perfect for you: find codes and activate them online to get more chips;
  • One more way to receive chips is to get them from your friends who also play this game. Many games have the same mechanics as WSOP: once a day you have an opportunity to present free chips to your game friends and they can do the same for you in favour. You won’t get too much there: these free chips can be received regularly so the number of them isn’t that big. Again, your game class influences this number a lot: high-ranked players receive more chips than low-ranked ones;
  • Daily challenges are great for attracting new players and even better for keeping the existing players active: completing these missions allow players to get more free chips to play. There are a few types of challenges daily missions might have and they all are connected with poker, so it’s usually not that hard to complete them. Also, these games can stimulate players’ enthusiasm and interest a lot;
  • The last option of getting more free chips is a poker recall: this game allows players to get some free points regularly. A player needs to get a poker hand by picking five cards from twenty: different cards mean a different number of chips you receive, of course. You can’t play this game whenever you want: you need to gather special cards to play this game, so it might take some time.

As you might see, there are enough ways to get free chips in this game: a person who really wants to play poker without spending a dollar can totally do it. Of course, it might take some time and efforts to achieve these extra points, and not every player has friends interested in Poker who can be invited to the game as well but other ways of gaining extra chips are easier to complete. With these tips, every poker fan can enjoy this app for free without spending money: this game is just a good practice before playing real poker and it can’t give you any real money, so it’s not worth paying for it. At the same time, it’s still a legit opportunity to enjoy the game and learn the rules better!

Download the app and start your safe and enjoyable journey in the world of poker: find new friends and complete daily challenges to achieve extra points, enjoy the atmosphere of a real poker room and achieve the experience of playing in the real World Series Of Poker. This game can be perfect for real poker lovers and newcomers interested in trying something new – so give it a chance!

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